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Sam Hill - Between the Races

Sam Hill - Between the Races

"Join Monster Energy as we delve into the lives of the fastest DH racers on the planet.

We followed our elite athletes to their hometowns to find out what goes on outside of the race tape. From Australia to North America and Europe, we travelled the globe to get behind-the-scenes, unfiltered access to the greatest in the game.

We step outside of the pits and into the living rooms, home tracks and private lives of the professional racers to understand what it takes to make it on the World Cup. In a sport where time is everything, we slow it down to understand what makes these racers tick.

Get to know Sam Hill, Aussie madman with a genuine passion for all things 2-wheel. This seasoned World Cup athlete is always one of the most exciting guys to watch race. Find out what happens Between The Races…" 
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