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About 7iDP 

 7IDP was established  in 2014 by a group of  7 industry  guys  with a combined experience of over 65 years working in MTB protection. They were not satisfied with the product that the major brands were churning out - and believed that they could do it better, outside of a  corporate culture. Their goal was and remains to this day pretty simple  - to make the  best MTB protection products on the market, following their beliefs, doing it their  way. The  result - a  brand that has won more  protection tests than any other these past years.

What makes 7IDP different?

The 7IDP design  team are not only  great  designers  but also passionate  mountain bikers, who when not designing  product are out on the trails  testing products. This may not sound  revolutionary - but the fact is most  brand designers  rely on feedback  from 3rd parties. The guys at 7IDP  design-ride-tweek-repeat! The design team also work closely with their  sponsored athletes -  guys like Sam Hill and Richie Rude racing at the pinnacle of our sport to ensure that our design  crew continue to  push the envelope and remain on the cutting edge .

Feedback is  key -and 7IDP value input. there are always improvements that can  be made -if you run 7iDP and have any questions, ideas or  comments then please contact us here. 

Thank you for choosing 7IDP, ride safe.

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